Industry Insider States PS5 Will Focus On Exclusives 

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When it comes to the next-generation platform consoles, we’re not far off from either the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. Instead, there has been plenty of talks as of late about the upcoming consoles. Of course, most of the talks have been centered around the developer kits and the small bits of information actually given out officially. Still, with both consoles slated to launch in the market this holiday season, there is just about a year left to further hype the consoles up for the first wave of adopters.

One of the means to really set both new consoles apart is the line of exclusive titles. While both consoles are likely to include some unique features that may give some incentive for the purchase outside of just the video games, those that are wanting to focus on exclusives will not have to put too much focus on the Xbox Series X. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has already come out to alert the public that for the first two years of the Xbox Series X, there will not be any first-party exclusives

Instead, the focus will be making sure that anyone who purchased an Xbox One this late into the console’s lifecycle, will not find Microsoft giving an exclusive incentive to the Xbox Series X. When it comes to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, a journalist that covers the industry, he has some good insight on what’s to come. His statements have proved to be accurate and according to his statement during a podcast, Jason feels that Sony won’t follow the same trend as Microsoft. Instead, there are going to be plenty of first-party video game exclusives coming out into the market for the PlayStation 5 though he didn’t offer any information as to what exclusive’s he’s already aware of. 

What will matter to you most when the new consoles launch? Are you going to aim for the console that has exclusives right out of the gate or are there any other important factors you’re waiting to hear about first?

Source: Wccftech