Yakuza: Like A Dragon May Have An English Dub

Yakuza has been around since the early days of the PlayStation 2 and with the franchise going on for years now, fans have been accustomed to a few standards. One of those is the fact that the series typically only has a Japanese vocalization track with English subtitles. Now that the latest upcoming installment is making a few changes, we may see an English dub track.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon may be the latest entry to the long-running franchise, it will feature a new cast of characters along with a significant gameplay change. Instead of being a brawler type game, the title will play out in traditional turn-based RPG combat. While we’re waiting for more information about what to expect with this game and the narrative, a new rumor going around online is that we may see an English dub with this new installment.

On the PCB Productions website, the game was listed for talent direction, mocap, vocab, and dialog productions. This company is based within California and has worked on a few different video game projects in the past. What they typically offer is an English dub for video games such as the Persona series. The listing has since been removed so there’s no telling if this was falsely added in or simply not meant to be discovered by fans quite yet.

At any rate, Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive with a Japanese release date attached for January 16, 2020, though the game will be slated to release worldwide as well sometime later this year. For those interested, you can check out the trailer for the game above.

Source: Reserera