Yakuza 7 Drops Brawler Gameplay For Turn-Based Combat

The Yakuza series was not always a massive success in the Western markets but after the past few installments and remakes, the franchise started to really get a strong footing. Now for fans who have been following the Yakuza franchise for years, the gameplay has remained more or less the same and that’s as a brawler style of combat. Players followed a former Yakuza member as they embark on a grand journey of redemption and vengeance though the main component of the game dealt with street brawls with players mashing buttons along with performing attack combos against their enemies. Now with the next main installment unveiled, it looks like the core gameplay element is being dropped.

Yakuza 7 will follow a new protagonist that has a similar start as the previous series. Our hero ends up in prison, scrapped of his Yakuza family and begins his return of redemption. However, unlike the past installments, the core gameplay of the Yakuza series is being changed to provide players with a turn-based combat element. It’s a big change for the series and its one that we’re not sure how players will enjoy it. After all, with the series really making some big strides in the Western markets, it’s curious as to if players will find the same enjoyment with this next main installment.

Turn-based RPG is a drastic change to this series but it’s still a beloved component for several video game franchises. This change was announced through series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi who stated that if this change does not seem to take off then the series would likely revert back to its original style of gameplay. We’re still waiting to hear more about the game but for now, it seems that Yakuza 7 will find a launch into the Western market in 2020 exclusive on the PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot