Minecraft’s Servers Are Not Shutting Down This Year

We’ve all seen several false articles circulate online and some of those articles can be generated from a website as a means to prank people. One of those websites that helps generate a fake news story is Channel45news.com which can allow a user to make up a story. While the story generates the headline, there is a big logo on the side to indicate the news article is fake, but the URLs and preview images can fool quite a few people. That’s why it’s a good idea to dive into these stories rather than giving them a quick glance over.

As a result, last year in December there was a prank going around that was generated by this website. It essentially alerted readers that Minecraft will be shutting down its servers at the end of 2020 which is anything but the case. Most people noticed the URL or preview image and started to share it around the web. Even larger news outlets made posts about the closure, but again, this was completely false information.

Mojang and Microsoft had come out to alert players that there is no truth to the claims that the servers are ending. Being that Minecraft is one of the more popular video game titles that’s been around for a decade, we can’t see the title coming to an end anytime soon. More updates are on their way and you’ll be able to enjoy exploring new worlds and build with friends for the foreseeable future. 

While Microsoft and Mojang are trying to spread the word that there is nothing to worry about with Minecraft, this hoaxed spread quite rapidly so we imagine that it will be a few days before the official statements make their rounds online. 

Source: Twitter