Resident Evil 2 Remake Receives New Achievement That Links to Resident Evil 3

Sony and Capcom announced yesterday that Resident Evil 3 Remake is indeed happening and that it is set to release in April 2020. However, it seems that Capcom is keeping the steam hot for RE3 remake has more news for the game has emerged.

It’s a small detail, nonetheless but still worth noting. Capcom has implemented a new trophy/achievement for Resident Evil 2 Remake that links to the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake. First spotted on the Steam community, the new achievement is centered around finding a letter that was left behind by Jill. This is the connection between RE2 and RE3 fans have been wanting. If the achievement is on Steam, we can assume that same trophy is heading to PS4 and Xbox One users.

Check out the achievement down below:

If you’re a fan of Resident Evil 3, you know that the timeline between both titles are similar. So it’s pretty cool that players get to see the iconic characters cross each others path, albeit through a note.

In related news, Resident Evil 3 will be getting the full-on remake treatment similar to what we saw with Resident Evil 2 earlier this year. In addition to the remake, Resident Evil 3 will also be launching with Resident Evil Resistance, a new 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe. Cooperate with three other players to eliminate the threat, or players as an Evil Mastermind as you try to pick off the survivors one by one. The choice is yours.

Resident Evil 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020. Are you excited for the upcoming horror remake? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter, Steam