Ghost of Tsuhima is The Game Awards Longest Premiere of the Show, Will Showcase Gameplay


Sony and Sucker Punch released a new trailer for one of their highly anticipated exclusive title — Ghost of Tsuhima, at the last State of Play of 2019. And even though it was very short, many fans were clamoring to see more.

As promised at the end of the trailer, it was set to be continued, and now we know where we should expect it to drop. Director of the Game Awards 2019, Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to announced that Ghost of Tsuhima will be present at the show.

Not only will they be at the show, but the game will be the longest premiere of the show! That means fans can expect to truly sink their teeth into the game as we will be seeing cinematic, story points, and a ton of gameplay.

Check out the official tweet from Geoff Keighley down below:

Ghost of Tsuhima is just one of the big announcements made at Sony’s State of Play event. We saw a bunch of other cool announcements such as Resident Evil 3 Remake announcement, an official release date for both Predator: Hunting Grounds and Dreams, and so much more.

The event was filled with some great new announcements ranging from horror, action hack and slash, to official release dates to games that were in early access. With the year ending, this will be one of the last news drops before everyone goes on Holiday break, so in case you missed the event live, make sure to check out roundup for everything that was announced at Sony’s State of Play December 2019 event.

Ghost of Tsuhima is still without a release date, perhaps we can get a tease tomorrow on when the game will be releasing. Are you excited to see more of the highly anticipated title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter