Kojima Productions Detail Next Update for Death Stranding, Set to Release Mid-Decemebr

Kojima Productions took to Twitter today to announce that an incoming patch for Death Stranding is on the way and it will come with some commonly requested fixes from players.

The update is set to release around mid-December, and it will include fixes such as the ability to increase text size, dispose of individual vehicles, and more. However, at the time of writing, these are the only known fixes that are coming. More should be included in the patch, but we will have to wait to check out it in full detail when it officially releases.

Check out the official tweet from Kojima Productions down below:

Death Stranding isn’t for everyone, the game has been decisive for many gamers. Some think its brilliant while others think its a boring walking simulator, however there is no definite answer across the gaming community (surprise). The game offers some of the most unique gameplay mechanics for a mainstream game and if you like it or not, it is nice to see some freshness in the gaming community.

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In related news, Kojima Productions recently announced that Death Stranding will indeed be coming to PC for the Summer of 2020. This is super exciting news for PC players who are itching to try out the game for themselves. Make sure to check out the full article on Death Stranding heading to PC right here!

Death Stranding is now available for the PS4. How are you liking the game so far? Enjoying Kojima’s latest title? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Twitter