Google Stadia Launch Trailer Boasts the Power of Streaming


Google’s entry into the gaming industry has finally arrived in the form of Stadia, a streaming platform. Today the mega company released the official launch trailer for the service and its pretty great!

The launch trailer for the new streaming platform is both funny and pretty trippy. Clocking in about 2 minutes long, viewers will learn the highlights of the Stadia as Google boasts the power behind streaming. They make some good points in the launch trailer such as the platform takes up little to no space, has no physical hardware, and qis uick and accessible gaming on all sorts of devices!

Check out the official launch trailer for Google Stadia down below:

Reviews for the newly launch console are calling the platform unfinished, leaving plenty of desired features missing. However, even though it seems that most critics are having a problem with the console so far, a lot of them are very impressed with the technology at hand. The fact that the stream is as good as it is and how quickly players can jump into their chosen game, is pretty impressive.

Time will tell if Google Stadia has the legs to run this gaming marathon. Make sure to check out review roundup on the recently released platform to help you with your buying decisions. Click here for the Google Stadia review roundup.

Google Stadia is now available to purchase. Did you manage to pick the new streaming platform from Google? Let us know in the comments below on what you think about it so far!

Source: YouTube