Review Roundup: Google Stadia Launches to a Rocky Start, You Might Want to Hold Off for a Bit

Google has officially launched their gaming streaming platform Stadia, and it seems that the launch isn’t exactly going the way they were hoping for.

Reviews for the newly launch console are calling the platform unfinished, leaving plenty of desired features missing. However, even though it seems that most critics are having a problem with the console so far, a lot of them are very impressed with the technology at hand. The fact that the stream is as good as it is and how quickly players can jump into their chosen game, is pretty impressive.

If Google manages to keep up with Stadia, they can potentially have a game changer on their hand, however, like i said before, they’re going to have to act quick.

Gameranx’s Before You Buy video on the new streaming platform is on the way and will be added when we’re finished. But in the mean time, make sure to check out what critics are saying about the recently released streaming platform from Google down below:

DualShockers 70

The fact that Google Stadia functions as well as it does is impressive, even if the platform’s launch leaves a lot to be desired and probably won’t win you over if you’re not already on board. That being said, if Google sticks with Stadia and can build upon what they’ve started here with more features and games, it definitely has the potential to be a game-changer.


At launch, Stadia is very, very clearly unfinished. But! It works, and it’s a markedly better and more flexible game streaming experience than any I’ve encountered before (a list that includes PS Now, xCloud, and GeForce Now). It’s definitely not the answer for everyone, but Stadia pulls off the most important thing it can at launch: it makes a case for existing.

Game Informer 60

Purchasing a game and immediately booting it up without concern for downloads or updates is liberating, and when you have a stable internet connection, streaming games off the cloud feels like magic. Oddly enough, Stadia filled me with excitement for a game-streaming future, but it left me with less confidence that Stadia would be the platform to usher us forward.

IGN 60

Google Stadia has fully realized game streaming better with the highest fidelity graphics and lowest input lag of any service I’ve ever used, but there are more features Google has promised that are on their way than are actually available on the service right now.


This has been a catastrophe from start to finish during my testing phase, and the problem is that even if it did work flawlessly, which it absolutely doesn’t, the entire model seemed doomed from the start. This is an enormous miss from Google, and I am really wondering what the fallout is going to be from this ill-conceived early launch.

Even though the platform isn’t setting sail with the greatest momentum, there is still time for Google to turn the ship around however, they will have to act quick. Their first exclusive title, GYLT, has been one of the highlights coming out of the platform so far. If you want to learn more about GYLT and see what critics are saying about the recently released title, check out our review roundup right here!

Google Stadia is now available to purchase, however, it seems that with the rocky launch it will hard to justify a copy. Did you manage to pick the new streaming platform from Google? Let us know in the comments below on what you think about it so far!

Source: Metacritic