Review Roundup: GYLT is Familiar Title That Tells an Emotional and Relatable Tale About Bullying

Google Stadia, the newest hardware to hit the gaming market released over the weekend with a brand new exclusive title from developer Tequila Works, Gylt.

Google Stadia didn’t launch with the hottest lineup for a new console, but it seems that their first exclusive title, GYLT, is a success. For the most part, the story Tequila Works created is both emotional and immersive, giving players a good balance between story and gameplay.

This title will definitely not be for everyone, but as critics state, if this game fits you criteria of “perfect game”, then this exclusive title from Google is worth your time and money.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Google’ Stadia’s first exclusive title — GYLT:


“Gylt tells a relatable and emotional tale about bullying via a formula refined by franchises like Silent Hill before it. It can feel a bit airy and derivative as a result, but it’s still a worthwhile experience that should be part of any Google Stadia owner’s library. It may not immediately stand out as the kind of game you can only get on Stadia, but I don’t mind if this is the formula Stadia Games and Entertainment takes with the exclusives they decide to put their full force behind in the future.”


Gylt is very much in the same spirit as Concrete Genie in that it’s a short but mostly engaging romp that’s best enjoyed by the right kind of audience.

Screen Rant:

The act of playing Gylt feels like the video game equivalent of reading the most embarrassing sections of a family member’s diary out loud in public.


Gylt presents some bright ideas in its dark world even as its gameplay mechanics are often much too familiar.

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