West of Dead Announced at XO19, Ron Perlman Voice’s Main Character; Open Beta Now Available to Play

west of dead

During XO19, Microsoft announced a new title that has caught plenty of gamers attention and that title happened to be twin-stick shooter — West of Dead.

The game features iconic a-list actor -Ron Perlman (Hellboy 1 and 2), which players will be play as. We as the player, will awaken in Purgatory, which we have no relocation of. Now our main protagonist –William Mason has to fight his way through this rough and rugged Purgatory filled with all sorts of crazy enemies such as — Witches, Wendigoes, and plenty more!

West of Dead is a randomly generated title that will have players never experiencing the same thing twice. If this sound up your lane, then might I interest you in the open beta, which is now available to download right now through the Xbox One. However, act quick if you want to check out the game before its official launch in 2020 as the open beta is only running until November 25.

Check out the announcement trailer for West of Dead down below:

West of Dead is without an official release date, however, Microsoft states the game will release sometime in 2020. Are you excited for the upcoming shooter? Planning on participating on the open beta? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Xbox Wire