Nintendo Releases One Last Short Trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield Ahead of Its Release

Nintendo has released one last trailer for their highly anticipated exclusive title, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The trailer is super short, however, it serves as a mini overview trailer of what players should expect to see when they pick up the full game. Pokemon franchise have been running for quite some time, and Game Freak managed to create a new immersive way for players to interact with the lovely world of Pokemon.

As I mentioned, this trailer is super short, only clocking in at about 30 seconds long, however, Game Freak and Nintendo did release a full overview trailer showcasing the games new features, Galar Region, and a slew of new Pokemon players should expect to find and catch this time around. Check out the full overview trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield right here!

Check out the new short trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield down below:

Pokemon has been running for about 25 years now and with each passing title, fans manage to keep the same amount of hype for each new title. That goes the same for Game Freak’s upcoming title, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Make sure to check our review roundup for the highly anticipated title right here!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to release this Friday, November 15th for the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited about the upcoming Pokemon Switch title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube