Microsoft Offers Project Scarlett Upgrade Pathway With Xbox All Access Bundles

It’s getting close to the end of the current-generation platform’s lifecycle. After being around since 2013, both Microsoft and Sony are preparing for the next generation launch. However, if you never got into the Microsoft Xbox One platform, a new bundle option is available which will give you an Xbox One along with an upgrade pathway for the Project Scarlett. Those interested in the Xbox All Access bundle may have a new incentive to pick one up before the end of this year.

For those that are not aware, the Xbox All Access bundle offers consumers an Xbox One console edition which can range from the Xbox One S to an Xbox One X. Likewise, you’ll be given access to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. For those that don’t want to toss out the full price to purchase the console then the Xbox All Access bundle may prove to be useful.

With this service, players will be paying a monthly fee which can range from $19.99 to $30.99 a month depending on the console model such as the Xbox One X being the top model to select. For those not aware, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings in both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live access. Best of all, this new Xbox All Access bundles will offer gamers to trade in the bundle after a select duration of time and upgrade their console to the Project Scarlett.

Now depending on the model will determine just how long of a wait you’ll have to endure before you can upgrade to the next generation platform. For instance, the Xbox All Access Xbox One X bundle will give you access to extending the Xbox All Access plan to the Project Scarlett console. This will require you to returning the Xbox One console, controller and power cord. You’ll just need to pick up the bundle prior to the end of this year.

Source: IGN