Epic Games Is Suing Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaker

When it comes to Fornite, the video game brings in not only a massive audience worldwide but the development studio behind the project, Epic Games, is making quite the fortune. Through the likes of microtransactions and seasonal passes, there is no slowing down the number of players jump into the game daily and offering to open up their wallets. However, recently the game hit a big mystery for players when the entire world imploded. Within the virtual universe, there was nothing left but a void and it brought in a ton of views online as people began to wait on what is coming next. Unfortunately for Epic Games they found that the surprise that waited ahead was leaked. 

We, of course, know now that Fortnite recently hit with a Chapter 2 that brought in a new map and in-game content. That version of the game is available right now and of course, it’s being played by countless players around the world. However, before its release, the second chapter to Fortnite was leaked. There were a couple of areas that the game was leaked online, but one of the users who thought they would be sneaky and toss out content early to rake in views is now facing quite the legal battle.

Polygon has learned that Epic Games is suing a Fortnite Experience Tester by the name of Ronald Sykes. This particular user was given access to test out Fortnite Chapter 2 early to ensure it was ready for public use. With that said there were NDA’s that were given to those that partook in the test. Since the user broke the NDA he is bound to have quite the troubling legal matter to fight back against. From the looks of things, Epic Games is suing for the mere fact that the hard work that took months and months to build up was ruined which is quite the letdown to the development team that put in the hours to craft the game.

Source: Polygon, PlayStation LifeStyle