Need For Speed Heat Will Bring Past Beloved Experiences From Franchise

Need For Speed Heat will take place in a fictional city where players will be able to race both during the day and night though depending on the time of day will determine if you’re going through a sanctioned race or end up barreling down the streets at night avoiding law enforcement. Furthermore, we are getting NFS Heat Studio, an application that will be available for both Android and Apple iOS.

In this application, players will be able to further tweak and customize their vehicles. It’s an optional mechanic that you can make use out of, but you can expect plenty of the past cherished content bring brought to the upcoming installment. Speaking with Segment Next, the creative director behind Need For Speed Heat, Riley Cooper, stated that the best experiences from the past will be featured in the new installment. 

There are a lot of different elements being featured from past installments and Riley Cooper highlighted a few of them during his interview. For instance, you’ll find that there is a cop experience similar to Most Wanted and even a risk-reward mechanic that was featured in Rivals

“Heat is a first step towards bringing the best experiences of Need for Speed from the past together into a single experience. We have the sanctioned racing element of Pro Street, a cop experience akin to most wanted, and style inspired by Underground, Carbon & 2015 and risk-reward mechanics akin to Rivals. That was our goal and it’s the first time it’s been even attempted in the franchise history.”

Need For Speed is a long running video game franchise that has plenty of fans so we’re eager to see just how it handles compared to the past installments. Currently, Need For Speed Heat is set to launch on November 8, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Source: Segment Next