Days Gone Developers Have Started Pre-production For Next Game

After finally launching Days Gone into the market, Bend Studio is now preparing for the release of their next video game title. This will seemingly be a PlayStation 5 exclusive at this point as the developers are only in pre-production. With that said, it’s far too early for the developers to alert fans of what they are working on so it very well could be a brand new IP. Regardless, this bit of news comes out from a discovery on a Linkedin account.

Linkedin is essentially an online resume to showcase current and past work of employment along with tasks done. Jeremy Vickery is a developer who worked on lighting and has been a Senior Staff Lighting Lead for Bend Studio over the past two years. Now that Days Gone has released into the market, the developer wrote that he is now involved in pre-production for their next video game title.

This post doesn’t reveal just what the game is about or if it will be a sequel. Likewise, because we’re at the end of the PlayStation 4 lifecycle, we’ll likely end up seeing this upcoming exclusive from the Sony studio being tossed onto the PlayStation 5. It’s also likely not going to be a launch title either as the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed for a Holiday 2020 release.

Regardless, we’re wondering just what Bend Studio has planned next and what mechanics they’ll tweak after the reception of Days Gone. For now, you can pick up their latest title launch, Days Gone exclusive for the PlayStation 4 today. If you have yet to try the game then we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode which we have embedded above.

Source: DualShockers