Capcom Wants To Awaken Dormant IPs

Capcom has been in the video game business for a long time and it’s throughout the years we’ve seen a ton of great video game IPs launch into the market. As the years went by, some IPs continued to thrive with new releases while others fell by the wayside. Now it looks like Capcom is on the hunt to revive some of those old dormant IPs which is sure to bring in plenty of hype and excitement for fans. 

While Capcom is a household name, it comes with a massive catalog of video game titles that you may not be familiar with anymore. There have been a few hits with the development studio and remakes. In particular, we’re referring to the Resident Evil franchise which has most recently received a popular and well-reviewed remake of Resident Evil 2. Now fans are waiting to see when Capcom would continue the trend with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis but it may be a bit on hold as the studio has their eyes on some other IPs.

During a recent fiscal report, Capcom made the mention of awakening dormant intellectual properties. This may be some really exciting news for fans who may have been waiting for the announcement of a remake or new installment to the Dino Crisis series or of any other big past IP titles that the studio had brought out. Unfortunately, no names were dropped quite yet so it’s anyone’s guess as to what IP will be picked back up first. 

However, because these IPs were dormant for so long, we wonder how they will be received today with the latest platforms and new generation of players. Only time will tell so while we wait, what IP would you like to see Capcom bring back out?

Source: DualShockers