The Last of Us Part II Will Blend Being Alone Along With Having An Ally

The Last of Us Part II may be the biggest exclusive for the Sony PlayStation 4. There is a massive following from the first installment waiting to get their hands on a sequel. Sony along with Naughty Dog has been very secretive when it comes to the anticipated title, but as we get closer to its release date, we’re finding more information slowly coming out into the public. This latest news comes from an interview between co-director of the game, Anthony Newman, and GameSpot. 

If you recall the first installment, The Last of Us, there was a story that blended our protagonists, Joel and Ellie, going through the journey together. While the game kept the characters together most of the time, there were gameplay spurts where you ended up solo giving a bigger narrative and tense experience. Still, if you were wondering about how Ellie will be going about this upcoming journey, it seems that there will be plenty of moments where she is accompanied by allies.

Anthony Newman couldn’t get into detail on the matter but stated that there is a blend of moments between being alone or with an ally. While some allies prove to be rather useless during combat, the development team opted to bring out AI that could help not only during battles but they can easily be stealthy while taking out enemies or come to your aid when needed.

“I can’t get too much into the exact ratio of time you spend alone. I’d say the game is definitely a blend of being by yourself as you were in the second part of the demo, and being with an ally. Allies are at the core of Naughty Dog games. We get a lot of great stuff out of them in terms of this back and forth as you were pointing out.”

Again, the problem here is that we don’t know just how much time we’ll be spending with an ally. In the release date reveal trailer, it does look like Ellie meets up with Joel at some point during her journey, but we’re still left in the dark on how often the character will be providing help during the campaign. As it stands right now, The Last of Us Part II is slated to release on February 21, 2020, for the PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot