Mario Kart Tour Releases With Plenty Of In-App Purchases 

We knew that Mario Kart Tour was going to be a free-to-play video game title so it was going to need some type of support but until now we didn’t know how it was going to be handled. Much like other smartphone video game titles, Mario Kart Tour seems to be based around a time limit based restriction system. Essentially, players will be able to play a few matches before they are forced to wait until a certain amount of time otherwise they can pay to have the time limit reset.

Now that the game is finally available in the market, players can download the application on both Android and iOS where they only need to link their Nintendo account to start racing. While Nintendo has been working more at breaking into the mobile smartphone market with their IPs, it was expected to see some in-app purchases to allow the company to turn a profit.

Unfortunately, there seems to be plenty of in-app purchases that may sway some fans from really diverting their time into the game. Outside of having access to an in-game currency that can be used to further purchase loot for the game. Additionally, the title has a monthly fee which includes an in-game gift of the currency available to purchase items, badges and access to 200cc races.

For instance, those that want more of the game currency can pay anywhere from $1.99 to $69.99. That’s not including the monthly $4.99 fee to gain access to the Gold Pass. Right now, there may be some use to paying $4.99 just for access to a wide selection of premium games that don’t include in-app purchases thanks to Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. In our opinion, this game came out a little too late since both the services mentioned above gives players far more for their money.

Since this is such a new video game title available, only time will tell if Mario Kart Tour will bring in a steady profit along with keeping races enjoyable for players to go through daily. As mentioned earlier, you can try the game out for yourself on both Android and iOS.