Fans Are Not Happy Over A Gears 5 Mechanic

Gears 5 was a highly anticipated video game title to release for both the Xbox One and PC platforms from the development team The Coalition. Now that the game is available in the market, we have seen it release with a rather positive reception but that doesn’t mean it’s not without a share of issues that could be tweaked. One of the issues that are coming out online from players is that there is a real issue when it comes to the cover-based mechanic which is a major part of this series. This problem could be fixed shortly, but right now, this is what you may encounter.

In Gears 5 the cover mechanic is a large part of the game as you’ll be ducking behind structures to keep away from the firefight. However, it’s been a problem when exiting out of the mechanic as the character can roll out. This issue seems to occur no matter where you are located on the structure so if you’re not on the edge, you may still find your character diving out which may lead to you being in a direct firefight.

There have even been streamers who expressed their frustration over not being able to back out of cover. This is still a new game so there is bound to be some features come up that need to be adjusted or implemented. As a result, Gears 5 will continue to see new updates and patches for quite some time. We’re just uncertain when this mechanic will get tweaked for the game right now. 

As mentioned, Gears 5 is available to purchase today. Players can secure a copy of the title on both the Microsoft Xbox One along with the PC platform. If you’re uncertain if this game is for you, then we recommend checking out our Before You Buy episode of the game featured in the video embedded above. 

Source: Comic Book