The Fallout T-51b Replica Helmet Is Now Under Recall

Fallout is a major franchise but the most recent installment, Fallout 76, didn’t hit the strides that Bethesda had hoped for. Still, even after the release of the game and patches to keep it new and fresh for those that are playing it, we’re finding problems coming with the merchandise. The latest hit is a replica helmet that was manufactured by the Chronicle and sold through GameStop, not to be confused with the Fallout 76 collector’s edition that came with the replica helmet. 

This T-51b was a collectible helmet that was available only at GameStop retailers where it was an overall different design of the helmet that came with the collector’s edition. While you may recall a similar outcry, the collector’s edition fiasco was mainly due to the lack of a canvas bag whereas this helmet proves to cause an actual health risk.

It seems that the material inside the helmet can cause respiratory issues. According to the official recall page, the material inside can prove to hold the potential of mold growth. This post also suggests that the product had moved about 20,000 units. Now the helmets should be sent back for a refund.

For now, you can go to your local GameStop or even head to the website and follow the recall prompt which is linked at the top of the page. This is certainly unfortunate for those that wanted a replica helmet to toss in their gaming room, but on the bright side, the helmet won’t be available to use for this upcoming Halloween holiday season. To find out about the full recall information we suggest checking out the official recall government page right here.

Source: PC Gamer, CPSC