PS4 is Reportedly Cheaper than the Xbox One in Brazil at R$1,999

UPDATE: Sony still hasn't confirmed if this report was true, so treat this information with a grain of salt. We will update this story once more information is available.

*End Update*

According to Brazillian news website Jornal VDD, the PlayStation 4 is now cheaper than the Xbox One in Brazil. It is now priced at R $ 1,999 (roughly USD $909.13) as opposed to Xbox One's price of R $ 2,199 (roughly USD $1000).

We previously reported the inital price of the PS4 which costs an exorbitant fee of R $3,999 (roughly USD $ 1,850). 

Mark Stanley of Sony's Latin America division spoke to the website and he attributed majority of the price to the country's import taxes. "Even with the subsidy the price is expensive, and honestly, we would not even sell a unit to R $ 3,999. There is a fair price and the value is not in agreement with the work we are doing in Brazil, where our effort is to lower the price of the hardware whenever possible," Stanley said.

It was noted that the Brazillian government and Sony eventually reached an agreement to lower the price of the PS4 for the country's consumers. Sony managed to find a workaround wherein the power supply, one part of the console, will be manufactured locally to avoid import costs. 

The PS4 will be released in Brazil on November 29th.