Super Mario 3D World Trailer Makes It Rain With Information Overload

Nintendo has released a new, six minute Super Mario 3D World trailer for Japan, showing off the newly revamped graphics, gameplay and overall whimsy that’s won some skeptical Mario fans over. The trailer also reveals the return of a power up from the New Super Mario Bros series: the Mega Mushroom. EAD1 has incorporated elements from practically every classic Mario game into this one. Again, this is one to sit down for, as they share way more information in this one trailer than you can imagine.

EDIT: I originally wrote this rundown when only the Japanese trailer was available. We're sharing the English trailer now, and I hope you find my review of the content here matches with what's now better explained here.

Right out the gate, Mario takes a bell and turns into Cat Mario. He chases down a rabbit (and gets a coin out of it), climbs up a wall, scratches enemies while running, and races with everyone else in Cat form.

We are then reintroduced to the premise, shown the Super Mario 3-like game map. They demonstrated everyone has to walk their way to the next level. We are then shown the clear pipes, and a new dash Mario can pull off that leaves a puff of smoke behind. Mario then gets shot from a cannon N64 style, and ends his demo atop a flagpole.

The video also reintroduces everyone’s abilities back from Super Mario 2; Luigi jumps high, Peach has ‘fuwa fuwa’ (floating) hang time, and Toad is the fastest.

We are then reacquainted with Cat Mario as he shows off some abilities again, including his divekick from the air (looks like a pounce, acts like a divekick). Cat Mario also has a different sliding attack on the ground that can take multiple enemies in a row.

And then we see the Double Cherry, and its amazing effect of doubling Mario. You can triple or quadruple yourself by using more Double Cherries, and everyone moves in exactly the same direction until you run across diverging paths.

Fire Mario, Tanooki Mario, White Tanooki Mario, and Boomerang Mario are also confirmed to reappear in the game, with the Boomerang now returning to Mario so you no longer have to wait for it to go offscreen to respawn. When you make use of the Mega Mushroom, you can literally level the game environment by just running around, although it seems you might destroy paths and hidden powerups in the process.

 Other new power ups turn you into a coin making brick by just running around, as well as a swimming cannon that can charge shots. An intriguing new power up turns you into a torch that can take out ghosts, even Boos. Another one turns you into a little helicopter box that can jump down, to take out columns of enemies, of course. The Goomba suit is demonstrated to work even if other Goomba see you putting it on. Baseballs, footballs Koopa shells, giant ice skates, bombs, and potted Piranha plants are all easily manipulated to take out enemies in different ways.

Now, the video shows cooperative aspects of the game, as any character can jump on another character’s shoulders. The giant dragon everyone rides at one point swims through waterfalls, but can itself also jump on enemies to take them out.

And we’re still not done here, guys. The trailer reveals new online features, showing other players ghost playthroughs as their Miis. You can follow your friends’ playthroughs to find alternate paths. The game will also allow you to send messages to Miiverse, using templates of Mario images. You actually have to collect these images by picking up rubber stamp items in the game. The trailer ends with some more unexplained gameplay and environmental elements, but at this point you might be suffering from information overload, so we’ll leave it at that and let you enjoy the end.

Super Mario 3D World will be released November 22 for the Wii U.