Summerfall Studios Opens From Former BioWare Writer

When it comes to narrative-driven video game titles, BioWare was once a central focus piece for gamers. They brought out countless RPG narrative experiences that had plenty of players craving for more. With the likes of Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect, almost everyone had played a BioWare title. Some of those iconic video games had a developer who helped from a developer known as David Gaider who had worked with BioWare, for nearly twenty years. 

Now the developer has teamed up with Liam Esler, a narrative specialist who previously worked at Obsidian Entertainment and Beamdog, to bring out Summerfall Studios. This is a brand new company from the partnership that will hopefully bring out a new wave of narrative-driven video game titles for players to enjoy. Their first debut title will be announced in the coming weeks as the studio is preparing to bring out a Kickstarter campaign to secure proper funding. 

The campaign will be unleashed to the masses for donations during PAX Australia on October 11, 2019. While we have a bit of time to wait for the campaign announcement and likely the details about their first game, we do have a statement from the developers on what we can expect.

“Summerfall Studios will crush your dreams and tear out your heart…in the very best way.”

We’re going to keep our eyes opened for the announcement and alert you with the latest right here on Gameranx. While the future looks bright and promising for this new studio, David Gaider’s former work of employment, BioWare has been on the decline especially after the release of their latest video game titles, Anthem. This games as a service style title have yet to capture the fun and thrills fans had hoped for, but it was recently released through EA Access which may bring in a slew of new players for the game. 

Source: Summerfall Studios