Sega Owned Studio Demands Other Companies Follow Their Lead And Drop Plastic Cases

Football Manager 2020 is an upcoming title from Sports Interactive, a company owned by Sega. The studio is preparing for the release of their latest title but if you plan on purchasing a physical copy then you’re going to notice something a bit different. Instead of the standard and widely used plastic case packaging, the studio opted to deliver a 100% recyclable alternative. It looks like we may go back to the old days of video game sales with cardboard packaging, but it will save a ton of plastic waste according to studio director Miles Jacobson.

On your shelf, you probably have a good amount of video game titles from this generation and last generation. If you’re a collector, you may have shelves of video game titles, but oftentimes, some players end up tossing cases into the garbage. It’s a bummer for sure if you enjoy your shelf being a decor of video game titles new and old, but one studio is hoping that those who opt to throw away their video game cases, then they will at least be able to save on unwanted waste.

Miles Jacobson is the studio director behind Sports Interactive, a Sega company that has Football Manager 2020 coming in a recyclable package that uses not only recycled paper for its manual but a recycled gatefold cardboard sleeve along with vegetable and water-based ink. It’s going to save tonnes of plastic this year according to the projected sales of the game.

While this is a great help to the environment, it will come at a slight price hike. It’s a slight increase to pay but the costs are apparently offset by other areas such as distribution. In his open letter, the studio director calls out all entertainment companies who use plastic cases to follow the same pathway and deliver consumers a recyclable product.

With that said, the problem for the consumer may be that the cardboard style cases are a little bit difficult to keep in great condition over the years along with potentially being less secure than the harder plastic case. 

Source: Football Manager