Need for Speed Rivals Skips Wii U and Vita, Points to Poor Sales

Need for Speed Rivals launches on both next-generation and current platforms, but Ghost Games won't develop a Wii U or PS Vita version following the poor sales of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

When speaking to TheSixthAxis, creative director at Ghost Games, Craig Sullivan, discussed the studio's previous efforts developing a Wii U and PS Vita title, which translated into lackluster sales.

To explain the lack of a Wii U a Vita release, Sullivan said, "[Most Wanted]didn’t really sell that many, in terms of the Wii U market. I would love for it to have, because we put so much effort into that, trust me. I’d love for it to be way bigger than it was, and the same for the Vita."

Instead of developing Need for Speed Rivals for the small Wii U and PS Vita audiences, Ghost Games shifts focus to developing Rivals for where demand calls for it.

Need for Speed Rivals uses DICE's Frostbite 3 engine, which DICE previously stated won't see a port to Nintendo's new console.

Need for Speed Rivals releases for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 19th. Xbox One and PS4 versions release on November 22nd.