There’s Still No Timeline For A Devotion Re-Release

You may have come across Devotion earlier this year from indie development studio Red Candle. This was a horror title that was not only artistically beautiful but a compelling title to go through. Unfortunately, the game didn’t last very long before it was pulled from the online marketplace. Now if you were hoping to get a chance at playing the game again or for the first time then you’re still going to be left in limbo as the development studio is still uncertain when this game will see a release once again. 

If you don’t recall, Devotion was hit with some mass criticism when in-game assets featured unflattering remarks towards the Chinese president Xi Jinping. This resulted in the development studio, Red Candle, to take the video game down and it’s been unavailable for purchase ever since. Now fans are hoping it will see a return, but don’t count on marking your calendars just yet.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, it was unveiled that the developers are still uncertain as to when or if this game will even see a new release. The studio is still feeling quite horrible from their unprofessional act but it does appear that the studio is going to continue with future projects so don’t count Red Candle out just yet.

We are sad to see Devotion, which includes all of our partners’ and Red Candle Games’ efforts, gone in vain following the incident. Due to our careless and unprofessional act, our audience is unable to experience the game, and for this, we feel truly sorry.

We don’t have an exact date nor timeline for its re-release. As we stated in our Facebook post on 15th July, we want to send a message from our official channel and apologise to everyone involved. But of course, we fully understand that one post on Facebook may not clear away people’s doubts and worries, so as a company, we want the public to know that we will continue our work. And hopefully in the future we will earn more trust from our audience.

For now, those that are wanting an official copy of this game will have to wait for an unforeseeable amount of time. With that said, are you waiting for the studio to bring the game back out into the marketplace? 

Source: Eurogamer