New MediEvil Gameplay Footage Emerges Online From TGS

If you played the original PlayStation years ago then chances are you would have tried out MediEvil. It was an exclusive action hack-and-slash title that got plenty of fame which resulted in a sequel a few years later. However, the title just couldn’t keep a series running very long as it wasn’t until the PlayStation Portable released that the game series saw another installment. Still, even then, fans of the game have been left in the dark, feeling like the protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque as they wait to be resurrected for a new adventure.

It’s been an interesting generation as we’ve seen plenty of HD remakes and reboots release in order to give fans a chance to replay old classics. Likewise, newcomers are finally given a chance to enjoy the IP and as of late, we’ve seen remakes for the Crash Bandicoot series along with Spyro. Now MediEvil is giving a chance at a new coat of paint and some much needed tweaks to the mechanics for today’s generation. 

Sony is preparing for the release of MediEvil next month and while the game has been somewhat absent especially due to the likes of Sony stepping out from E3 2019, there is new footage that will give players a chance to see how the game looks today. You can of course, check out that footage above. 

For those who are not aware of MediEvil, this is a game that follows Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight that was resurrected to stop an evil sorcerer named Zarok. It’s a wacky story and hopefully one that will appeal to fans new and old. Gamers can expect to pick this game up on October 25, 2019, exclusively on the PlayStation 4

Story Trailer

Source: PSU