The Coalition Gifting XP Boosters & Scrap Over Gears 5 Early Access Fiasco

For a ton of gamers out there, today will mark the first time trying out Gears 5. The highly anticipated installment to the Gears of War franchise has officially launched, but that doesn’t mean that there were not already players trying the video game out. The Coalition has offered players a chance to enjoy the game through various betas along with those who have access to the Ultimate Edition. For those gamers, Gears 5 started awhile ago with early access giving the ability to enjoy the game a little be earlier than the rest.

With that said, early access video game titles are often riddled with some bugs and issues leaving some players without the ability to really get a good chance in playing the game. We’ve seen plenty of developers bring out new betas and access to the game in order to make up for those problematic days, but for Gears 5, the video game is already out. Fortunately, the development studio behind Gears 5 wants to gift players who logged in for the early access.

The accounts that were logged in during the early access period of Gears 5 will be rewarded with a five day XP booster along with 600 Scraps. This news comes from the official Twitter account of The Coalition who stated that gamers can keep an eye out for the gifts over the next couple days. With the XP booster, players will be able to earn double XP over the course of five days while Scrap is used to craft items. As mentioned earlier, today marks the initial launch of Gears 5 which is available for both the PC and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant