Apple Arcade Will Release This September 19th For $4.99 Per Month

Video games are constantly adapting and so is the way we enjoy them. We’re inching closer to an all-digital age of gaming as companies are quickly jumping onto the subscription service bandwagon. The latest news comes from Apple with its Apple Arcade subscription service that will grant users access to video game titles without paying for each app. If you’re a mobile gamer with either the iPhone or iPad, perhaps you’ll be keen to try this service out when it launches later this month.

The Apple Arcade was announced earlier this year, but information has been rather scarce until today. Apple has just announced that their Apple Arcade service will be available starting on September 19, 2019, and with it comes access to over a hundred video game titles. Some of these will be exclusive to Apple Arcade, but if you’re not keen on the idea of paying for yet another subscription service to just enjoy some mobile video game titles then this price point may put you at ease.

For a family plan, this subscription service will just cost users a monthly fee of $4.99. This will give players access to video game titles across multiple Apple devices and can support up to six family members total. Furthermore, you don’t have to rely on internet access the entire time as you can download these games for offline use.

Another selling point to this subscription service is that the games will not feature any ads or in-app purchases which is mostly filled with all video game titles released in the mobile market. As mentioned there will already be over a hundred video game titles available at the launch of this service, which includes Lego Brawls by Red Games, Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava, and the sequel to the much-beloved Oceanhorn release, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm.

Source: Apple