New Discovery Reveals Lisa Is Always Behind You In P.T.

Silent Hill is a beloved video game franchise and it originally started out with in-house group in Konami known as Team Silent. They crafted up four main installments to the franchise before it was handed out to western developers. As a result, Team Silent was disbanded leaving fans of the series with subpar video game releases. That was going to hopefully change when Konami decided to give Hideo Kojima a chance with a group of developers at Konami itself. This announcement came in the form of a teaser game demo known as P.T.

One year during Gamescom, a small trailer was shown for players to download on the PlayStation 4 store. Known as P.T., players were given a horror title from an unknown indie studio to play though it was only until after completing the demo and successfully solving the puzzles that it was discovered this indie studio was Hideo Kojima’s team at Konami who were making a new Silent Hill game known as Silent Hills.

It was a big discovery and fans were eager to see just how Hideo Kojima would treat the series. Overall, the game lore seemed to have been a big part of the subject and even today gamers are discovering new elements from the demo. Today we’re learning from YouTuber Lance McDonald that the antagonist character that you will encounter in the home, Lisa, is actually always behind you once you pick up the flashlight. Apparently, Lance was able to hack the game and showcase footage that shows the unsettling character following behind as you move around the home.

While we may never know what Hideo Kojima had planned for Silent Hills, there is new suggestions from Konami that this franchise is far from over. Konami may have been a bit silent with console releases itself, but it does appear that the company has new plans for the console platforms with globally known IPs. While its not an outright statement that there is something in the works for Silent Hill, this statement along with the recent trademark for the name may mean the company is toying with the idea of a new installment.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle, Twitter