Those Leaked Images You’ve Seen For Bully II Are Fake

It’s easy to get hyped up for a video game franchise you love. We try our best to avoid plastering leaks online as most often these posts online are false. One of the latest was in regards to Bully II, a video game that has yet to be announced. After the success and fan base grew for Rockstar Games Bully which launched years ago, there has been a large group of players eagerly awaiting for an official sequel announcement, but all we’ve received is supposed leaks and rumors.

One of the latest leaks that went online and became viral showcased an image of a map that was supposedly from Bully II. There wasn’t anything other than a small image but the internet took and ran with this image, but now the truth comes out. It turns out that the image everyone was eager to label as real actually came from a concept image made by Felipe Borges as he noted the world of his work on Twitter.

The artist stated that the image went a little too far but he was able to clear up the air by showcasing some more concept work made for a potential Bully II. Again, Bully II has yet to be unveiled by Rockstar so there’s no real word on if this game is even receiving a sequel or if perhaps the project the studio is working on next will be a new installment for the Grand Theft Auto series.

Bully Easter Egg Discovered In GTA Online

Currently, Rockstar Games latest release was Red Dead Redemption II which launched last year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC gamers are holding out hope that the video game would see a launch on the PC soon, much like how Rockstar delivered Grand Theft Auto V, but the announcement has yet to be made.

Source: Twitter