Bully Easter Egg Discovered In GTA Online

Bully has been one of the more infamous video game titles released from Rockstar Games. The development team had released a number of iconic video game franchises over the years and one of those was Bully, a game that never saw a sequel despite gamers asking for the developers to go back and revisit the franchise for current generation platforms. Now a new update to Grand Theft Auto Online may have just teased a potential sequel announcement.

A Reddit user has discovered a Bully Easter Egg reference in the latest Grand Theft Auto update. Within the update, players are given access to The Diamond Casino & Resort, a location that has been present in Los Santos since Grand Theft Auto V released, but had never opened its doors. Now gamers who are interested can go to the casino and gamble their in-game money away with slots, card games to even horse races. But if you want to dive in a bit deeper then you can purchase a penthouse which gives you access to a place of stay within the casino and missions. Furthermore, you can decorate the area up and it’s a particular art piece that has a reference to Bully.

If you select the Canis Canem Edit piece which is Latin for Dog Eat Dog, then you will notice the Bullworth Academy emblem. This is the school that Bully took place which is finally a nod towards the franchise from Rockstar Games. While this could just be a simple Easter Egg for players to discover, there are a number of gamers online that are suggesting this is a nod towards a true sequel to the franchise. Nothing has been confirmed or revealed from Rockstar Games yet, but it’s certainly a cool little reference to those that are willing to shell out the big bucks for a penthouse.

Source: Reddit, Gamerant