Sony Has Pulled The Plug For Naughty Dog PS3 Multiplayer Servers 

It’s nothing unexpected, in fact, there were reports in the past that this day was coming. Today Sony has pulled the plug for the servers with The Last of Us, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception on the PlayStation 3. This may come to a big bummer for those who were still enjoying the games, but again, with an aging console platform, it’s not unusual to see servers for certain video game titles come to an end. After all, we’re likely to hear news about the next-generation video game console from Sony sooner than later making the PlayStation 3 more than a console generation old. 

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Now, this is purely server-based, if you own the video game titles and want to enjoy the titles offline at your leisure then they will still work perfectly fine. The servers simply take down the online multiplayer aspect of these video game titles. We’re already seeing some reports online from fans who wish the video game titles still had a server to enjoy the online component so the sting is quickly being felt around the world for those who still signed on regularly. 

However, the argument remains the same as the resources are being moved and we’ll soon see the next-generation announced making the PlayStation 3 to be rather dated. Years from now the same issue will come with the PlayStation 4 but hopefully, those of you took notice the warnings of this server closure date and potentially made use of labor day to get some rounds in while you still could. 

Source: PushSquare