Glorious World Soon To Be Removed After Legal Threat From Blizzard

When it comes to Warcraft, the franchise has been around for years and continues to thrive through various video game titles and other media outlets. With any big success comes a slew of other clones hoping to gain some quick profits and attention. For video game titles, it could be anything from a popular game mode to a complete carbon copy of a franchise. That’s exactly what happened with Blizzard’s Warcraft series with a new video game title released into the market hoping to use several similarities of the franchise. You may have come across the video game, Glorious World or otherwise known as Glorious Saga, but you will soon see it disappear.

It seems that Blizzard has issued a lawsuit against the Chinese development studio, Sina Games, as there were several instances of copying Warcraft to use for their video game. Everything from certain characters, in-game items to audio cues were featured in Glorious World so it was a pretty clear cut violation on their part.

This lawsuit apparently worked as Sina Games backed down rather quick and stated that servers would be shut down this month though as it stands right now, gamers can still install the video game on the Google Play Store. If the servers are in fact fully down, then those who install the game won’t have access to play anything directly from it.

While this is a victory for Blizzard, these clones end up coming back up from time-to-time so there is likely more in the works that are hoping to gain a fan base from work already established by the development studio. At any rate, World of Warcraft is receiving a resurgence lately with the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, though being new, servers are pretty filled leaving a queue not only to get into the server but at times a virtual queue to slay certain mobs.

Source: PC Gamer