Remedy Entertainment Is Working On A Performance Patch For Control

Remedy Entertainment recently launched their latest video game, Control. It’s been a hyped video game title that fans around the world were eager to pick up but similar to other newly released video game titles, some fans have chimed in to discuss the performance of the game. Being such a new title, there is bound to be plenty of issues that Remedy Entertainment will need to fix and tweak though these things take time according to the studio. If you’re finding the game to not run as smoothly as you’d hope, then know that the developers are currently working on a fix.

Control is a brand new third-person shooter that follows a woman named Jesse Faden who is on a quest to find out information about her little brother that was taken by a supernatural bureau known as the FBC. Things quickly go sideways at the start of this campaign leaving players in a battle between a new powerful supernatural force.

This title just released on August 27, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Those who are enjoying the game today may be able to confirm that there are some performance issues that Remedy Entertainment will need to tweak though some of the complaints are not valid. One of them was the lack of HDR but that’s not a corrupt feature. This was never placed in the game and it was due to the development team lacking the resources to offer HDR in Control.

While the developers are working on a patch to help optimize the title between consoles and PC platforms, a statement of the official Control website does indicate that an update will soon release revealing what the developers have planned for post-launch content.

Source: Control Blog, PlayStation LifeStyle