The Elder Scrolls Online Will Not Release on Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls franchise from Bethesda has been a popular one for gamers over several years now. It wasn’t surprising for some gamers to hope that their current Elder Scrolls Online video game to reach the Nintendo Switch platform. However, if you were a Nintendo Switch owner holding out hope that Bethesda would port the game over to the console, then you’re going to be out of luck. As it turns out, the port just is not possible with the hardware.

This particular installment to the franchise released back in 2014 which puts players into a new story set in the continent of Tamriel. While the game may not top some of the other MMORPG’s available today, there is plenty of players keeping the game active. Since its initial release in 2014, the video game title was ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, however, don’t expect a Nintendo Switch port.

After speaking with Twinfinite, the game director Matt Firor stated that the console just does not have enough processing power to make a port capable. The only way we would see The Elder Scrolls Online on the Nintendo Switch platform is if it was released as a streaming video game, much like how PlayStation Now and the upcoming Google Stadia platform operates. So with that said, if you’re wanting to enjoy the game then you’ll either need a PC that has the system requirements suitable to run the game or either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One platform at the current moment.

Source: Twinfinite