Mod Support Is Inbound For Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a hit and easily a highly recommended video game if you enjoy the medieval setting. With that said, it didn’t release without its share of problems and mechanics that fans wanted to be patched up. Being available for the PC platform, it didn’t take very long before fans started to work on some of their own unique content and additions for the video game, some of which fixed issues players were having. The modding scene offers no shortage of content for video game titles, but it really helps when the development studio offers a means for players to start developing content for their video games.

This of course is done through modding support and its one thing that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will soon have. That’s according to an interview with PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling and Gamepressure. Apparently, mod support was one attribute that was in the plans from the development studio at Warhorse Studios. While fans have already been working on mods for the video game, the studio is working on developer tools for fans to use when creating new content. In fact, these tools will be robust enough to allow fans the ability to craft their own unique quests.

With all that said, you shouldn’t expect the tools to work for content on the console platforms, but if you’re on PC you can expect the tools soon. Even after the release of the tools, it will still take some time for fans to really start crafting up new content for players to enjoy. With that said, since Kingdom Come: Deliverance released back in 2018, chances are you have already completed the narrative. If you by chance have yet to try the game out, you can check out our Before You Buy episode upload within the video posted above.

Source: Gamepressure