Sega Unveils Humankind As A New AAA Video Game

Sega is a big name company that’s been around for years and they’ve been teasing a new AAA video game title. It’s something that we also reported on earlier as a teaser website went up before Gamescom and leading up to the event, it was confirmed that this new AAA video game title would be making its way to a Gamescom 2019 announcement. That proved to be the case after the Gamescom 2019 livestream showcase the latest upcoming title before the actual expo opened its doors to those that plan to attend in Germany.

The game is called Humankind and its a Civilization style title. Players will be shaping humanity from the Neolithic era and tweaking them until they reach the modern-day. It seems that the human race can be tweaked and there will be over fifty different cultures to make use of. We didn’t get too many details so far about this game as it was just announced, but it does seem that there will be some combat elements as well and that players can find discoveries to help aid in your adventure.

Currently, Humankind is a new title that is not slated to release until sometime in 2020 for the PC platform. Being a brand new AAA video game IP we’ll likely see plenty more about the title from Sega leading up to its release and just how it will differ from some of the other franchises similar already in the market. At any rate, you can take a look at the announcement trailer for Humankind posted in the embed above.

Source: GameSpot