Sega Launches New Teaser Website For Potentially New AAA Game

Gamescom is just a few days away and as a result, there is plenty of hype building around various developers and IP announcements. We’ve seen statements in the past of what developers are bringing to the show and anticipate some new video game announcements that were not present at E3 2019. One of those anticipated video game title reveals is going to be from Sega and it’s set to be a new AAA IP reveal. Perhaps this new upcoming video game is attached to a recent teaser website that Sega has published online.

In a recent discovery online, Sega has published a new teaser website that’s called HMKD and it offers gamers a chance to input their email to be alerted when the video game title is announced. Other than that, we don’t know just what is planned or if this will be unveiled during Gamescom this year. However, it’s a safe bet that HMKD will be unveiled as the new AAA video game title that Sega is planning to reveal during the trade fair in a few days.

Also, in the past, Sega has trademarked Humankind so it’s likely the game to be unveiled and showcased on the website in the coming days. The hype continues to build so we’re eagerly awaiting for Sega to make its big reveal and we’ll, of course, keep you posted on the very latest right here on Gameranx. In the meantime, check out the teaser website within the source link below.

Source: MKHD