Microsoft Muscle based Contoller could be the next big thing

Microsoft hands free controller

Microsoft wowed us with Natal in 2009, and they have done it again in 2010, already, with their innovative new technology which allows you to use your muscles to control your electronic devices like play guitar hero without a controller or open your car’s trunk remotely.
The technology behind the system is called Electromyography(EMG). Electrodes on the arms, chest, head or leg can be used to track muscle movements and then send the acquired data as commands to your computer, video game system, vehicle, or other device to provide a hands-free control scheme.

This technology could be great for precision gaming which the hardcore gamer is into and is skeptical about Natal’s strengths in that department and also for disabled gamers, who have to custom build everything to truly enjoy their gaming experience. At the moment, we do not know how Microsoft is planning to integrate this technology with you or your devices but you can share your thoughts in the comments below.
Check out the video below: