Skater XL Is Coming To Xbox One

Skateboarding video game titles may not be the most popular genre lately but it wasn’t long ago that Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games meant countless hours of fun. There was a real joy going through the different courses and cities as you attempted to land outlandish tricks as either a professional pro skateboarder or a custom made character. Regardless, there is still some development teams out there that are hoping to deliver the same style of fun for players today. One of those development studios is Easy Day Studios, which is bringing out Skater XL.

Skater XL is an upcoming video game that puts players into the shoes of a skateboarder. You’ll have complete board control, land complex tricks, visit legendary skate spots around the world and best of all, it’s something you can try right now. Currently, Skater XL is only available through Steam as an early access title so you’ll only get one main area to skate around in but there are plenty of gamers out there trying it out right now. If you don’t own a gaming PC or prefer consoles then you’re in luck.

Recently, a new video uploaded by the Easy Day Studios YouTube channel revealed that Skater XL is coming to the Xbox One platform. We don’t know if it’s going to get the same type of early access treatment but we do know that the studio is hoping to get the game out on the Xbox One platform and likely fully release the video game title on PC in 2020. While we’re waiting for more news to drop on this game, check out the brief announcement trailer posted above along with some game screenshots below.

Source: YouTube