Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack Canceled

Minecraft released years ago and yet it’s still one of the more popular video game titles to enjoy today. It’s endless creative fun as you can craft up new wonders, meet with friends to build or even go off into a survival adventure. Likewise, there’s plenty of creative worlds and game modes available for players to connect online with but today one of the updates that Microsoft unveiled during E3 2017 has been killed off.

If you recall Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference then you may recall Minecraft being highlighted. It was a quick little update that was supposed to hit on multiple platforms called Super Duper Graphics Pack. A graphical jump for Minecraft which would provide new shades, lightening effects, textures and more. It’s been a good little while since that update was announced and it wasn’t highlighted during E3 2019. That’s because today we’re getting word that the update has been scrapped.

This news comes from a post on the official Minecraft website where the staff alerts fans of their issues with the update. According to the post, the update was very ambitious on their end but as they progressed forward they were not thrilled over the performance on various devices. The devices were not listed off but its a troublesome update on enough devices to make developers drop the project completely.

This is certainly not the end of Minecraft, being such a popular video game title there are bound to be plenty of new exciting updates for players to go through. Likewise, there is a brand new Minecraft experience in the works as well known as Minecraft: Dungeons.

Source: Minecraft, GameSpot