Are You Ready For HDR Audio In Rocket League?

Rocket League was a massive hit when it was first released into the market by developers, Psyonix. This is a simple game concept to understand but it can be difficult to master. Overall, Rocket League is a video game that puts players into the control of a vehicle as they play an oversized game of soccer. Using a supped up vehicle, you’ll work your team to dart across the field to take control of the ball and successful hit it into your opponent’s goal.

As mentioned, the game is easy to understand, but it may take some practice to nail all the right moves as you control the ball or even deflect it away from your goal. With that said, you’ll find it tough to put the game down. For those of you who have been playing the game, you may have a new update to be excited for. Psyonix alerted their fans through an official blog post that the popular video game title will be adding HDR audio into the video game, which may not be a term most are familiar with.

When HDR is brought up, most may think of the visuals of 4K displays. HDR audio is essentially the same enhancements but instead of visuals, it focuses on audio mixing. Audio is an important role in a lot of video game titles and in something like Rocket League, you’ll have a wide assortment of sound effects to audio cues such as crowds going wild to the announcer. The problem is that the mix is rather standard right now but with the help of HDR audio, developers will be able to deliver sound that can deliver the more important audio tracks on top.

As described by the blog post, the HDR Audio feature would allow the game to lower audio tracks to keep the important tracks at any given moment on top. It’s not the easiest aspect to explain but the development team is hoping you’ll hear the difference. The best part about this feature is that there won’t be any additional equipment or hardware required to enjoy HDR audio. Currently, the developers are hoping to get the HDR audio implemented int he game by August 27, 2019.

Source: Psyonix