XIII Just Got Delayed To A 2020 Release

Do you remember XIII? It was a cel-shaded video game title that released on the PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox and GameCube platforms back in 2003. The video game title was a hit and grew a following though it left players with a cliffhanger with a sequel planned. That sequel never came to fruition but now years later we’re getting a remake. That remake was supposed to hit the market in November of this year but now the publishing company behind the game, Microids, have revealed that XIII would be pushed back until 2020.

It’s been quite a few years now but XIII was a popular video game title that put players into the role of a man who lost his memories. You’re accused of murdering the President of the United States of America. While you’re being hunted down, players are tasked with finding out clues about your life and who the real killer is. Being that the game is cel-shaded, the visuals tend to hold up better today but the game is being remade which is suppose to come with improved visuals and mechanics that should hopefully allow players to go through the title without any issues.

Since the game was pushed back, Microids noted that the game would be able to get the polish that the team was aiming for. We’re not sure how much work is needed to be done at the moment since we don’t have any official release date now for the game other than sometime in 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We’ll, of course, keep tabs on this game and update you with the latest right here on Gameranx.

Source: Gematsu