Could We See Death Stranding Release On PlayStation 5?

Hideo Kojima is a well-known video game developer around the world. After creating several hits and classic titles that have a cult following, Kojima was putting out plenty of gold from the development studio at Konami. That came to a crashing halt when the developer severed ties with Konami and went on his own way. This left plenty of gamers wondering just what the developer would be doing next, but it didn’t take long before Kojima to announce his own video game development studio known as Kojima Productions and his first game slated to release is Death Stranding.

Since the announcement of Death Stranding, all we’ve really got from this IP is several cryptic trailers. There’s plenty of secrecy going into this game and Kojima is keeping his cards close to his chest. One element that the famed developer is avoiding the press and the general public is an upcoming PlayStation 5 enhanced edition release. This is all speculative at the moment, but it comes from a Tweet that Segment Next spotted online.

While nothing is official, Segment Next spotted a Tweet where a fan asked the official PlayStation Spain Twitter account if Death Stranding was a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The response was simply that the only platform announced for Death Stranding is the PlayStation 4. This is where some digging comes into play as the publication noted that a similar question was asked earlier in 2018 about God of War.

During the question regarding the God of War release, the Twitter account response was that the video game is exclusive to the PS4. It could be a reach but since the Twitter response was not a direct answer towards the Death Stranding game being a PS4 exclusive, perhaps an enhanced edition may be in the works. Of course, nothing has been confirmed and this is all speculative at the moment, but it’s possible that Hideo Kojima may have his eyes on the PlayStation 5 for his studio debut title.

At any rate, Death Stranding is currently being developed in a crunch timely matter according to Hideo Kojima. Fans will hopefully get the game on time for its slated release date on November 8, 2019.

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Source: Segment Next