[VIDEO] New CryEngine 3 Ingame Footage

Panzar Studio has released some in-game footage of it’s upcoming online fantasy game, Forged by Chaos, on it’s official website. The game is currently being developed on the new CryEngine 3, announced by Crytek at the 2009 Game developers Conference.
Forged by Chaos is an online, PC-based, fantasy game with many RPG elements. The game is based on the Chaos theme – worlds powered by steel and battle magic. The Player’s avatar is always an evolving character, progressing from NOVICE to WARLORD through the accumulation of battle experience, the obtaining of new armor and weapons, and the development of Chaos Magic skills, as they seek to become a mighty warrior in the Forged by Chaos world.
[VIDEO I]Gameplay test – Himera magic abilities:

[VIDEO II]Gameplay test – Argus magic abilities: