Terry Crews Is Down For Playing Cole Train In Gears of War Movie

There is not always a big positive reception when it comes to video game themed movies. Oftentimes these films never capture the essence and thrills that the source material provided gamers. Despite this, we still see filmmakers work on video game franchise movie releases and the latest upcoming film to spark some interest online is Gears of War. In a recent report regarding Dave Bautista as portraying Marcus Fenix, fans are now going wild at the idea of Terry Crews becoming Cole Train.

You might recall reports going around online earlier this week about WWE superstar and actor, Dave Bautista wanting to take the helm as Marcus Fenix. In his Tweet that went out into the public, Dave stated that while he would love to take the role as Marcus Fenix and tried everything in his power to get Hollywood in casting him for the film, it wasn’t looking all that great. Fans, however, are on Dave Bautista’s side as they could easily see the actor becoming the famed video game character.

Chiming in on this response, a fan crafted up the idea of Terry Crews being Augustus Cole, better known as Cole Train from the video game franchise.

Terry Crews responded to the image and stated that he loved the idea so we could see fans rooting for this film to be made but with these actors taking on the specific roles. It’s likely going to be a struggle as we don’t know what the film will be about if it’s not a direct connection to the source material. At any rate, while we wait for the official details to come out for the Gears of War movie, we want to know your thoughts on the two actors being placed in the film.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant