Epic Games Store Now Has Cloud Saves For Select Titles

When it comes to the PC gaming marketplace, there was once a clear cut choice of where gamers purchased their titles. That was Valve’s Steam marketplace but there’s a real competitor now which is Epic Games, Epic Games Store. This marketplace not only offers gamers a ton of titles available for gamers to enjoy right now but it has several exclusives planned along with free video game titles to enjoy weekly. Now one feature that gamers were missing on the Epic Games Store is starting to make its way onto the marketplace.

Cloud Saves is a nice perk for gamers and its something that Epic Games Store was missing. There was a big outrage over Epic Games Store as it missed several features that were present on Steam. While the war continues to wage on between users of Steam and backers of the new Epic Games Store, Epic Games is continuing to add more features and content to their store.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games Store doesn’t feature Cloud Saves for every game. Stated through a Twitter response, Epic Games Tim Sweeney has stated that this feature is only on a few games at the moment. The studio is still working on the ability to bring out Cloud Saves to every game. While it’s not a widespread feature at the moment, it’s nice knowing that Epic Games Store is starting to get some of those desired features. In other news, two new games are currently free on the Epic Games Stores which are Moonlighter and This War of Mine.

Source: Twitter