Battlefield 4 Beta Bugs and Fixes

Are you logged into the Battlefield 4 Beta? Running into bugs? We’ve run down some identified bugs with possible fixes for your quick perusal. We realize this looks like it misses the point of a beta, but our motivation here is for you to avoid an unplayable experience. Of course, we can’t guarantee this will work for you, with differences based on your rig, location, and ISP.

Issue: Game crashes after successfully installing and loading it.

Fix: Update GPU drivers.

Issue: Game occasionally crashes to the desktop.

Fix: Deactivate any active second screens.

Issue: Low frame rate on Nvidia PCs.

Fix: Go to the Nvidia site, find version 320.49 drivers and roll back. Source

Issue: Avoid issues running on AMD PCs.

Fix: Test the beta before doing any changes to your drivers.

If you are unable to run the game, uninstall the old drivers, and then update to the latest version. Some older PCs may need a program like AMD Driver Remover or Driver Sweeper to complete uninstalls first.

Fortunately for AMD users, they seem to be experiencing better compatibility and fewer issues overall. Source

Issue: Unable to join servers. No windows pop up to let you join servers. Essentially, the game does not open up.

Fix: Follow the process listed below:

1.       Clear internet cache.

2.       Sign out of Battlelog.

3.       Restart your computer.

4.       Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta__Installer and look for the log.

5.       Run touchup.exe as admin using the same command line arguments in the log file.

6.       Use CMD and CD to the directory as admin.

7.       Open Task Manager to observe the redistributed executables launch. Wait at least 2 minutes after touchup.exe runs before you launch the game.

You may still need further instructions on this, or just need confirmation from the source, in which case, please go here.